They came to their senses.

I am now an IBM intern. More details to come...
Best Actor.

Congratulations to Jamie Foxx for winning the Oscar for Best Actor in Ray. It was truly a great movie, and he deserved it. ::Applause::

Yeah, so right now I'm up making perfect sense of all this physics for the midterm at 11am. It's amazing how much clarity you have at 4am after sleeping for approximately 2.5 hours. Here's the interesting thing: my alarm clock was unplugged, and I therefore, slept through my original alarm time of 3am. I woke up at exactly 3:42am, somehow having to use the restroom. I saw the glow-in-the-dark hands on my watch, and I really thought I had slept through everything, or I was somehow early, because I never heard my alarm go off. When I checked it, it was unplugged. Now, how the hell did that happen?!

I don't even want to speculate. Either way, it hasn't started snowing yet. I might as well make plans to ace this midterm, even though I'm terribly not in the mood to take it. That doesn't mean I'm unprepared, I'm just uninterested.


Write the most obscene letter to the dean you can possibly write, and then scale it down for mass consumption. This isn't quite The New York Times, folks.

Okay, so the Coulomb situation has resolved itself. In order to save myself from anymore crappy grades because of wasting time on a useless class on my schedule, I've decided to drop that class and then write a strongly worded letter to the Dean of Engineering to let him know just what it is that his students have to put up with everyday. Oh yeah, and to emphasize that Assistant Professor Coulomb should not be given tenure. That's only reserved for professors that have the respect of students and faculty. HA!


Voce E Eu Stan Getz.

It's a great thing to start a day listening to this song because I absolutely promise you will be relaxed in thought all day. Right now, I'm going over some calculus and mentally organizing my day to make sure that everything that needs to be done today gets done. I'm taking a nap after I finish this section, and I have a stronger resolve than ever before to get things absolutely done in a timely fashion so that this weekend, all I have to do is study for my physics midterm, write a couple of pieces of software, and do a bit of business reading.

Don't Rock the Boat

LOL. Today, I came home after the Data Communications midterm (yikes) and sent an email about administering an Apple lab at the graduate school. I'll have to interview some time next for it, however. Too many commitments this week--including an interview with IBM on Friday.

But, it was so nice for me to be fully rested for once. I slept from 1:52PM to 12:36AM, and actually I was preparing to roll back over and sleep until 8AM. I decided against it, however, and stayed up to do some calculus and read about Mac OS X Server. It turns out that Mac OS X Server has some great things incorporated in it that could really help this university out with its IT needs. I think that instead of using the Microsoft Exchange Server software that they're using now, which accounts for why no one uses their Howard domain email address, they should migrate everything over to Mac OS Server X's email management system. Reading about it makes it seem incredibly stable and I'd be highly interested in securing a copy of it in CLDC and administering an experiment with it from there.

Also, a bioinformatics project that I'm working out right now is going to perhaps have some high performance computing requirements. I actually doubt it, but that was just nice to say. lol. In any case, I've written a paper later about a method I think I'm pioneering in terms of genetics and computer science. I'll give you more details later when the paper is done, I've presented it to the University, and I've secured an iBook to start some serious work on it.

In any case, as I was walking in today, I noticed Dr. Harris, the community director, and some other people going around looking into rooms. Room inspections! Let's just say I failed mine. The writing was on the wall. Literally. Thanks to this ultra-high gloss paint job in these rooms, I decided to turn my largest wall into a massive dry-erase board. Nevertheless, I had forgotten about upcoming room inspections and left everything on there. After I took a nap today, I got a notice that started like this: "...you will be billed for painting your wall." lol. Not really. I spent an hour tonight scrubbing the walls down with Purex to bring them back to their former glory. It's interesting because the room looks bigger. I even decided to take the BMW posters off that wall, too. I think I'll put the one for 2003 back up.

Unfortunately, even though this week went quickly, I still have a load of obligations to meet this week before I can enjoy the weekend. Namely, I have to finish a Bioinformatics midterm, grade papers, student an entire chapter of calculus that I've failed to look at in the past, write a web service project proposal, and prepare for and interview with IBM. I can make it though. I think I need to start early and make sure I'm in the bed by 11PM tonight. I am realizing more and more that my lethargy and slow mental reaction times are due to not eating properly (i.e. not starting the day with breakfast) and not sleeping properly and consistently. My body has had enough, and it's letting me know. Rudely.

I think I'm going to finish looking over these calculus sections, review them, and then watch a bit of TV before lying down for a quick nap again. I believe I even have the financial resources to wash clothes, so I believe that is in order. This weekend, I need to go pickup several breakfast items, so that I can get back into the swing of eating before I start my day. It's only fair and ...imminently necessary.


Do you ever get tired of being picked on by somebody that you just know is not quite as smart as you?

Okay, so today I went to bioenergetics. Yes, the week with Coulomb has started. Tell me why he is the most ignorant, belligerent, rude person I have ever met and I will write you a check for $100US dollars. All you have to do is track down my email address.

I'm really interested in going to the department chair about him now after this morning's little shuffle and slap. So, he gave us the take home midterm in class today. I looked over it, being the speed reader I am (did I tell you that I read The DaVinci Code in a day this weekend!?!), and then decided to look over the copy of The Wall Street Journal that I picked on my way out of the dorm this morning.

Please tell me why he zeroed in on me like a hawk and starts going on about how rude I am and "Oh...you just wanna sit in class and read your paper? Ohh..ok. I mean, that's fine. I'm talking and you're just reading your paper."

I was quite taken aback because it's not like I had the entire paper open and my face shielded. I just happened to have it down in my lap looking down at it. I knew what the midterm was all about, it was pretty straight-forward, just a repeat of things that he's done in class coupled with our reading assignment and the video lectures we were assigned to watch online. So, I felt it was okay to glance away for a little bit.

Now, was it my place to say something or just sit there looking at him with the fiestiest look of disdain that I could muster? Did I do the right thing in not saying anything particularly nasty back to him as I was gearing up to do? Or was it just better that I stayed the smarter one and just kept quiet? I don't know, folks, I don't know.


The DaVinci Code and Physics

I have finally read The DaVinci Code. It was such a riveting story that I started reading yesterday around 6pm and I finished tonight around 1:50am. I simply could not put it down. I tried reading for my other classes, etc., but that wasn't going to happen without me finishing that book. Fortunately, for my productivity's sake this weekend, I finished. I'll give you a rundown of what I think about it, but for now, I'm going to take my newfound speed-reading skills and apply it studying for midterms. Yikes.


More time spent here than anybody else on their first day...

So, at 7:37pm, I am still in the CLDC server room, hacking away at this idea for a new piece of software that I can basically use as my Web Services project and then extend into something more spectacular later. I found a whole slew of links that I'll post here later for sites that I'll be heavy into reading for the next few days. It turns out that I probably won't even contemplate leaving here tonight.

After searching around in the various stacks of computer books here, I found two that are of interest: The DaVinci Code and A Gift of Fire: Social, Ethical, and Legal Issues in Computing. The latter I can use in my research paper for bioinformatics and the former I've just been wanting to read anyway, but I was too cheap to buy. It was somebody else's copy, but I sent him an email telling him I'll have it.

This place is so interesting. There's so much computing power surrounding me right now that I could really write something horridly spectacular. I'm planning something really neat that I think was long overdue. Hopefully, it's not something somebody else was already working on.

If I knew this Suse Linux system any better, I'd start writing it right now. All I see that is familiar on here is Firefox, emacs, Adobe Reader, the Gimp, and Mozilla Composer. Basically, things that are also available on Wintel systems.

This weekend is going to be rather interesting. I have an assload of stuff to do. Most of it is immense amounts of reading, which shouldn't be that bad if I can drive myself to get dressed and get out of my dormitory. The place turns into "Soul Train" from like 12PM to 3:38AM, Sunday to Sunday. lol. If you really want to get anything done in terms of having complete peace and quiet, go to sleep during the day and wake up around 4:15am to start your day. You'd be semi-productive while the Sun is down and as soon as the Sun comes up, things should move right along. I know this strategy works because I've done it before. At 4:15am, you'd probably be the only one up laughing at informercials for weight loss products.

So, now I'm in the CLDC officially. I just have to find a project to work on, and serve my time starting on Tuesdays. I'll be an operator in the lab on Tuesdays from 6-7pm and any other time that I can volunteer.

Earlier today I was learning some C stuff. I'm learning how to use Xcode and then do some other stuff in the CLDC.


Vice President of the Howard University Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers.

I think I'm going to run for that. The idea of president is okay, but I still think...iono. I'll probably end up running for president. We need to put NSBE back on the map. We need a unified engineering body on this campus. We need some unity. My platform is unity. ASME, AIChe, ACM, ASCE, etc. We all need to coordinate and really make engineering the hottness on this campus. I want to collaborate with CEACS.

I know it. I think it is President of the Howard University Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers. Nez-BE!


"...shawty wanna ride wit meh!" -Young Buck.

So, thanks to Headley, I got .NET back up and working. Now, I can get my web services work done. WhoooO! Making progress toward getting to lie around on weekends and not do anything related to school. Chaa...!

OMG. Dr. Burge is sooo fcuking hilarious. In web services today, we sat around and made jokes about...flat out vulgar things. Like the mutated AIDS virus. No, that wasn't particularly something that you want to admit to laughing at, but it was funny the way Burge was talking about it--"You betta watch out!! That could be you! And it'll eat you up in two weeks!" He was clearly starting a public health scare. But, it was funny.


"That man is so socially behind..." That's soooo funny that that was said because it's basically true. I'm looking more and more at how he relates to folks, and good grief...he doesn't. I've never seen a more impersonal, belligerent, rude, and inept professor. Somebody being like that makes you want to question exactly how much they know.

I mean, this morning, I got my research paper back and he had written some pretty vague comments on it. Being the eager beaver I am to do well, I asked for clarification. What type of response did I get initially before prodding the man for more? "Uh...it's written in my comments."

No fucking kidding. If I wanted to know what you wrote, I'd read it. I'm asking for clarification, sir. Then, I end up being two steps from catching hell because I'm a sophomore in a graduate class. If that's not the most closed-minded response I've ever seen then I don't know what the hell to think. This is college. Whatever happened to encouraging people to go above and beyond their potential? Whatever happened to challenging folks?! To hear her say, "Well, you shouldn't be in a graduate class...you're a sophomore." is the most shit-ass thing I've ever heard. Again, I was insulted by this man. I really will go to the Dean if I get less than what I deserve. I'm going to eat his class alive. Just fucking watch.

Damn allergies are back.

So, I rolled over at 6:05 this morning to realize that somewhere between 2:47am and 6:04am, I had turned off my alarm clock. This was a potential disaster. Good thing my bladder wakes me up these days. I was going to roll back over and just hold it, but I decided against it and got up to start my day. Like I told some people last night, I wanted to get up and study and then just spend the rest of the day doing whatever, but I don't even know if that's going to happen. I'm holding office hours today from 5-7pm.

On that front, I doubt that anybody will show up. I had three hours worth on Monday, and not one person came through for help even though there are several who either ask about office hours all the time or clearly need help but don't come through. At this stage, I'm steady thinking about how it's really their loss and how a class as easy as FORTRAN shouldn't be a challenge to the point where people are failing tests miserably. Earlier, I believed that I had a stake in everyone's grade in the class. Now, I'm not so interested in "saving" everybody. Some people clearly need to get up and go for it themselves. And a few have. We had five people to get A's and a few more to get B's. I wonder, sometimes, if the fact that the rest of the class did so poorly is an indictment against myself and Dr. Paul. I know it isn't, but you still wonder sometimes if there is anything you could have done.

But, here is where we speak of dichotomies again. On one hand, you wonder if you could have saved anybody that failed. On the other hand, you know it was clearly a case of people not being sufficiently interested and motivated. But, even then, you wonder could you have motivated them more. But, to wrestle with ourselves even more, we say, "No, achieving good grades ought to be motivation enough. You can't do like your parents used to do and hand out $20 for every A in a class of 30. Surprisingly, you might actually become dirt poor." Such is life.

It just actually annoys me that more people in the class don't seem to care about their grades. And even after the plethora of failing test grades, people still come to class and run their mouths on everything from cell phones to AIM. Another popular phenomenon in the class is the use of thefacebook. There is almost a correlation. Many people who come to class and do everything but pay attention are not doing well in terms of grades. Also, I'm noticing that people that don't sit in the first two rows of the lab aren't doing well either. One exception to that does happen to exist, but he was smart anyway, so I don't think where he sits would make much of a difference.

The whole experience is almost a comedy of errors. Like, a full list of things that shouldn't be happening are. Or maybe I just need to stop getting so worked up over things that mostly don't concern me. Bob's grade is not Tiffani's grade. And if Bob is struggling, Tiffani can't have much effect over that grade unless Bob comes to Tiffani for help.

BitTorrent, Orange Juice, Photek, Adventures in Candor, and Why I Suddenly No Longer Want to Be HUSA President

Last night, I used BitTorrent for the first time ever to download the five years of entries on the boingboing blog. It turns out that a large portion of the bandwidth being used online these days is attributed to the use of this service, so there's got to be something particularly intriguing about it. I read about it in passing a long time ago and decided to download it just to keep up with the times, but it wasn't until last night that I actually used it. Remind me to go read about it again to really see what the hype was all about.

Orange juice is good. It makes you feel powerful. I just took my allergy medicine with a glass of it. Tasty.

Photek. OMG. Fans of Blade movies might remember an odd sounding track from the first Blade movie that was nothing more than a minimal drum and bass beat that played through the credits. After nearly seven years of wondering what the hell this song was, who produced it, and where I could get a copy of it, the Internet has finally come through. Fans should know it as "Ni Ten Ichi Ryu" by Photek. It's got a badddd beat on it and I can't wait to blast it with my creature speakers from JBL soon. I'm pretty sure I'll get some strange looks from blasting this song. Mmmmhmm.

I got a strange feeling last night from reading a certain book in Alex's room. Maybe I'll bring up more about it, but it really had me reeling. I left out in a semi-hurry with very little conversation. As I sat there reading it, I somehow wondered if I had missed something that other people my age had had. In all of my years of sitting in front of computers, trip-trapping back and forth to libraries, filling my head with knowledge to throw into papers and casual geeky conversation, I think I missed something else. While filling my head with techno and becoming a C/C++ dictionary, I missed other things. Candor? Not completely.

The HUSA presidency is not in the cards right now for me. I've been injected with the entpreneurship bug, and I can't exactly seem to rid myself of it. Now, I'm always on the lookout for things, always reading and paying close attention to my surroundings these days for ideas. I believe I'll be hit in time, but until that time comes, I'll keep building myself up. Lately, I've been reading a lot more outside of my textbooks because frankly, I'm tired of it appearing that I have very little time for myself outside of class. Although that may really be the case, I'm determined to not succumb to such a crappy fate. Your major shouldn't define your reading tastes. lol. If it did, you wouldn't have to wonder why I never exactly talk about anything I read.

IBM, Redux.

So, I officially have three more interviews with IBM personnel. I'll have to spend my time wisely for the rest of the week--reviewing myself, reviewing IBM, and reviewing things that I've learned in class. Ms. Pipkin has been very instrumental in securing these internship interviews for me, and I'd like to thank her for all of her work in getting my resume out there a few steps beyond what I could do. I suspect one of these interviews will work out. I just have to keep drinking that OJ to make sure my voice is poy-fect. lol.



I was talking to a campus shuttle driver last night, and it turns out that he played the bass with Bootsy Collins decades ago. We knew there was something quite interesting about him, and it turns out this was it. He had a totally different side to him. He'd been driving for 35 years to pay the bills, but on the side he is also a professional musician.

I, on the other hand, am a student who likes to think of grandiose ideas and ways to implement these ideas. My day job? I just told you; I'm a student. The thing I like to do on the side? Design software, that, for right now, does absolutely nothing important except manage my schedule or lessen the time I have to spend doing useless math problems.

It really does seem as if everybody has two sides to them; things they do to make money and make sure that they don't starve, and then the things they do because they like them. This all goes back to a post on a blog that I've been following for a few months now: gapingvoid with Hugh McLeod. A post of particular interest is his Sex & Cash Theory that basically everybody with a life seems to go by. Yeah, there are a lot of people that have jobs that don't amount to work for them because they like them that much, but not everybody is blessed in that direction. I like school, but I'm really starting to wonder how much it's going to matter in ten years. Plus, I wonder each and every day if I'm really getting as much as I paid for, or am I just getting access to some seriously powerful computer equipment for $20K a year.

Most of the time, I like to think that I'm getting what I pay for, but...sometimes you have other interests that interject and make you feel like they need to supercede all other matters. My grades are great, it's just that the interest is waning.


"...me and you...yo' mama and yo' cousin toooo..." -Outkast.

I wish the world was the way it used to be. I'm going to move to Atlanta. Outkast.
More stuff from inside my cranium...

"You are really have to stop defining yourself in terms of what other people would like for you to do and be. They're never, ever going to map out the best course for you. If you want to start something big, start it. Somebody has to do those things." -my conscience.

You ever wrestle with a thought? I mean, as in fight it, slap it around, then make up with it, and finally, go back to swinging at it? I do. All the time. That's what happens when you have a lot of stuff inside your head fighting for your immediate attention. BAM BAM BAM BAM. ;)


"...They'll just watch us glow..." -Kelis.

Today marked the end of one of the most interesting and productive weeks for me in a long time. I'm still in the business of reading extensively, and now I've really taken to reading the Wall Street Journal everyday. Today's issue wasn't as particularly interesting as yesterday's, with Carly Fiorina's image plastered on fewer pages today. Her firing to me is not surprising, looking at more details about it. Peter Drucker brought up some valid points that relate directly to something I said yesterday about why she was removed.

As the chief executive, ultimately, through the leadership structure she had set up, all decisions had to pass through her. With this set of circumstances, she didn't have much focus on anything in the company because her hands were in all of HP's various pots. Drucker talked about the idea that a CEO should find two things to focus on and then adhere fervently to focusing on them. When those objectives are done, does one move on to a third objective? No. One makes a new list of two foci and keeps focus on them. Fiorina reportedly worked 100-hour work weeks and handled so very much. Arguably, there couldn't have been much focus there.

I'm no business analyst, but HP seemed like an awkward company with her at the helm. I think the whole Compaq merger arrangement is what made HP seem kind of strange to me. I read a book in my junior or senior year of high school about what HP used to be like, and I finished this book a small period of time before the merger and I was pretty certain that it was going to be turn out to be awkward. And I thought this, not because HP was crappy, but that it would be so because Compaq was crappy. Compaq isn't particularly known for quality, performing computers. In recent times, they've really taken a serious backseat to companies such as Dell that offer better computers through better performance and quality and better technical support. I never had any problems with Compaq technical support, but I found that Compaq computers are typically made of less than quality components...or at least I say that about the Compaq I had.

CLDC Redux.

So, I went to the CLDC volunteer's meeting today and it was...lame, so to speak. I'm pretty sure I will spend more time developing on my new notebook around mid-March when it comes in versus writing anything for them. I really didn't like the emphasis on treating you like an absolute beginner just because your favorite language is Java. I'm not too interested in showing up for a class on how to build computers either. That's something I did when I was 12. I don't need a refresher eight years later.

You know, Edwin calls this cockiness. I'm pretty sure that's not the case. I just like to engage in what I call redundant learning. If I already have knowledge in something, why should I be interested in going back to learn it from the start allover again? I don't know if they're requiring us to go through this little course on how to build a computer, but I'm not interested.

I already said I was going to spend spring break writing a business plan and working on some applications for web services. I didn't talk much about my ideas with the folks in CLDC. I told Claude about my interest in starting a company after I graduate and he gave me some information that I didn't necessarily agree with, but considered for what it was worth. He mentioned that if you work in industry for little, you come out with a sense of perspective that you really don't get as a student. He meant that you start seeing things that companies that you work for don't do that you could pick up on, or things that could be done better. More or less, right now, I'm looking for somebody who would partner up with me. I'm really frustrated with the fact that here, and I may have said this once before, the emphasis is really more on building a career working for someone else. That's all well and good for some people, but I'm barely interested in that. I'd much rather build my own enterprise and work at it and know that that's something I built. It's really not even an ego trip sort of thing. Claude mentioned the amoutn of work it would take; I'd be up for it because I know it'd be something I was building.


Right now, I'm reading the J2EE tutorial. I'll get back later.


Carly Fiorina is ousted and I'm angry.

But, those two two statements are not fundamentally related. The former CEO of HP, the computing giant known for its origins in a garage somewhere near Stanford, has moved and removed its five-year CEO, Carly Fiorina. A unanimous board decision, details of which were provided to Fiorina in a four-page paper, brought about the ouster. Basically, Fiorina was somewhat a powerhog in my opinion. A lot of executive decisions had to go through her. Yes, that's a good thing because she was CEO. No, that's a bad thing because it really started to seem like she was the only one making the big decisions. She failed to delegate. Morale at HP suffered, and perhaps, most importantly, the HP-Compaq merger didn't pay off the way Fiorina had promised. Compaq still sucks and HP's computing unit is still not all that profitable.

I'm starting to think the entire PC sales idea as a whole isn't profitable unless you're Dell. They've streamlined the entire process of selling computers down to only having enough components in the warehouse for the number of computers they're projected to sell. Having extras on hand is extremely costly. Dell doesn't have that problem.

IBM realized that selling PCs and generally, hardware, was not a lucrative proposition. Moreover, technology isn't developing rapidly enough right now for people to really go out and buy the absolute latest technology. Things, the way I see them, are happening more in increments. No more disruptive technologies right now.


I know I'm going to catch heat in the morning. Coulomb didn't come back to his office and get my paper to look over. Apparently, he holds other people to what's mentioned on his syllabus--everyone except himself, that is. He's supposed to hold office hours from 11-2pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. He was clearly gone when I got to his office around 125pm on Wednesday. I left the paper. Why was it still hanging there tonight?

I sense some tension with this professor. I don't think either one of us are going to like the outcome.

Internships and Capitalism.

The engineering career fair is being held next week and I will be back on the grind to market myself after IBM's egregious error. Do you know that that man still hasn't written me back? That's fine because I will still prevail in the end, as in, before I graduate, I will start a software company. I will be self-sufficient. My life will be bettered through this market economy. As of right now, I'm really focusing heavily on enterprise software after I spoke to a friend of mine who described software he wants for his business. I'm thinking of coming to him with a proposal for an entire enterprise/information technology suite that could really rocket his business, but I really have to get the details in order. If I did such a thing, he would be my first customer...

I really see a huge market for the kind of software I would offer. Other companies purport to do it already. I don't think they do it. I think they lose focus of what the software should focus on--streamlining the relationship between customer and business. It is the business of making both producer and consumer happy. I think I could design software that effectively does this based exactly on what my friend was saying he wanted. Give me spring break and I will have a business plan. All companies on campus could be wired.

It's like I told Jana, I'm going to spend spring break writing two different business plans. Chinelo, a new trusted friend of mine with real experience in these matters, recommends it and frankly, I'm tired of living with all this knowledge in my head and applying it to little more than class projects and random things that I write in my room to pass the time. It's time for some real disruption.


Stupid policy.

So, today I walk into Bioinformatics approximately three minutes late. The professor isn't lecturing, but she sure isn't happy to see me. She is taking up our research papers and passing out some handout about frankenfoods. She mentions that she needs to see me in her office. I figure it's about the idea that I'm not a senior and I theoretically shouldn't be in a graduate class. Instead, it's something horrendously petty, as in..."Your lateness...If it's going to continue, you might need to consider dropping this class."

Not only was this one of the dumbest things I've heard in a long time, it was one of the most superficially idiotic things that could have been brought up. I mean, as in, what the hell are you talking about?! Just how do you justify telling somebody that other than, "Oh yeah, it's in the syllabus. Read it and weep." No, she didn't actually say that, but good grief, she might as well have.

It was practically an insult and an oversimplification. Oversimplification how? Oversimplification as in, that's all you've broken me down to as a student? I come to class late, so nothing else matters. What about all that reading I've done? What about the fact that I fucking own bioinformatics?! Don't get me started and excruciatingly angry in here.

I'll start throwing stuff.


So, yeah. I got recruited today by the big man himself, Claude, to come do some software development at the CLDC in the engineering building. Now, I can probably sit down in peace and do some J2EE stuff. I could do in my own room, but my computer is all slow and run over. lol. I'm buying a new Toshiba somewhere around April, so all that slowness will be alleviated. I'm keeping the ThinkPad around just as a backup system for the web stuff I'm about to do, but otherwise, come mid-April, I'm gonna be a Toshiba fan...

But, yeah. The CLDC ought to be interesting enough to work in. I don't have any concrete ideas now of stuff that I want to work on, even though I need some ideas for web services, but I'll think of something to make use of all those resources. I happened to be in there one day last semester for some odd reason (I think the door was open and I followed a friend in) and I saw like this awesome server farm. And they were getting more in. I think they were Dell PowerEdge servers or something, but the whole setup was pretty hott.

They have some serious ass computer resources between the main CLDC and the "client" CLDC. The main CLDC is where all the hardcore ish goes down. The guy I talked to today about it has been there since 1993--dude didn't graduate. Now, it looks like he's back to finish what he started. He's a senior, so he'll get to graduate next year I believe.

That's pretty interesting, though.

Stuck at the iLab--because I don't wanna go home.

Yeah, after finishing up studying for calculus this afternoon I walked over to the iLab. Mmmhm.


Mentally sickly? or Overqualified. or You're still the hottness!

Alright, folks. So, my bid with IBM turned out for naught. I was at the iLab this morning printing out my bioinformatics chart and I saw the reply to the thank you note I sent to the guy I interviewed with.

I'm not even bothered in terms of "Ohhhh, who got it?!" I'm bothered in terms of "What the hell?! What kept me from getting it?" I'm going to consult with my mom later and then send an email asking why I didn't get the internship. There's nothing to lose by asking for a bit of feedback. It'll help me in the future.

Either way, companies that pass on me are losing out. So, the company that snatches me up will have a continent's worth of goldmines on their hands. I am the hottness. There is no other person in computer science sharper than me. I fucking guarantee it.


"...and you got killed..."

More to come, folks...
IBM likes me.

Alright, folks. While lying in my bed earlier yesterday, I heard the phone go off. I was going to answer it, but I sound like crap if I answer the telephone from a deep sleep. Not crap as in not sexy, but crap as in "Good Lord?! Is this Tiffani or do I have the wrong number? Is this Joe's cab service? You sound just like Joe...did you know that?!"

Yeah, that's really how bad I sound. Folks can tell when I've just awakened by how harshly I say "hello" on the phone. lol.

So, when I get up an hour later..lol...I check my messages. There's an old one from Desiree explaining her drunken phone call at 2:30AM the other day, then..there is IBM. It turns out they liked my resume enough that I submitted through INROADS that they'd like to interview me. It'll be a phone interview. That makes me increasingly less nervous. I'm actually rather confident about this.

Go to bed, son!

I can't. That's why I'm blogging. I'm too overcome with all of the stuff that I have to do today. Papers to grade, programs to write, a paper to write, research to do, interviews to rehearse, assurances to make. And on top of that...I have to sleep. I must sleep somewhere that will not throw off my usual schedule. I don't think I can sustain much more of this senselss sleeplessness. It's just not fair to this temple. Things are getting bad on that front...

How can I be so assured of this? Well, on Monday, I went to sleep in calculus. Yeah, to some folks that may be no big deal, but I have a track record of never going to sleep in class. I traditionally couldn't go to sleep in class as much as I have tried! lol. But, on Monday, all it took was for me to go face-down in my calculus book and I was out. I'm pretty sure I was gone for at least 10 minutes when the professor started passing back quizzes and got to me. I was face-down and people were tapping me. Gahhh...the shame.