Nothing more.

So yeah. I'm at home for today after a long week of coding and refactoring and all those other squishy terms you hear about. My number 1 desire now? To go to NYC. Listening to music again and I've gotten to that state. NC is too slow.

Check Nothing More - Pete Rock & Deda. That's what I've been bopping to. Nothing more, nothing less.


"...being on the other side of the table makes the veins in your hands pop out."

So, I finished my first little task today at IBM. It was something excruciatingly easy, but it took me two frickin' weeks to get it done. Slowwww. I had to understand the APIs and then figure out how everything was put together. I'd say my contribution was no more than 25 lines of code. Oy. Bigger things in the future, perhaps.

In any event, now that I'm finished with my work, I feel like I should go out and try to be more social. Ha. I've been stuck at my desk all this time shooting myself in the head with something that I thought was hard to grasp. On the brightside, I read an entire book! lol.

My days at IBM so far have mostly consisted of sitting at my desk reading books galore, surfing the internet, modifying Palm apps, and attempting to keep myself from looking suspicious. lol. Suspicious? Let's just keep that one a secret. ;)

In other news, nothing interesting has happened. I spoke to some friends from school and figured out how dry I have become. More news later.

::Feel like driving away for a little while::