Don't Rock the Boat

LOL. Today, I came home after the Data Communications midterm (yikes) and sent an email about administering an Apple lab at the graduate school. I'll have to interview some time next for it, however. Too many commitments this week--including an interview with IBM on Friday.

But, it was so nice for me to be fully rested for once. I slept from 1:52PM to 12:36AM, and actually I was preparing to roll back over and sleep until 8AM. I decided against it, however, and stayed up to do some calculus and read about Mac OS X Server. It turns out that Mac OS X Server has some great things incorporated in it that could really help this university out with its IT needs. I think that instead of using the Microsoft Exchange Server software that they're using now, which accounts for why no one uses their Howard domain email address, they should migrate everything over to Mac OS Server X's email management system. Reading about it makes it seem incredibly stable and I'd be highly interested in securing a copy of it in CLDC and administering an experiment with it from there.

Also, a bioinformatics project that I'm working out right now is going to perhaps have some high performance computing requirements. I actually doubt it, but that was just nice to say. lol. In any case, I've written a paper later about a method I think I'm pioneering in terms of genetics and computer science. I'll give you more details later when the paper is done, I've presented it to the University, and I've secured an iBook to start some serious work on it.

In any case, as I was walking in today, I noticed Dr. Harris, the community director, and some other people going around looking into rooms. Room inspections! Let's just say I failed mine. The writing was on the wall. Literally. Thanks to this ultra-high gloss paint job in these rooms, I decided to turn my largest wall into a massive dry-erase board. Nevertheless, I had forgotten about upcoming room inspections and left everything on there. After I took a nap today, I got a notice that started like this: "...you will be billed for painting your wall." lol. Not really. I spent an hour tonight scrubbing the walls down with Purex to bring them back to their former glory. It's interesting because the room looks bigger. I even decided to take the BMW posters off that wall, too. I think I'll put the one for 2003 back up.

Unfortunately, even though this week went quickly, I still have a load of obligations to meet this week before I can enjoy the weekend. Namely, I have to finish a Bioinformatics midterm, grade papers, student an entire chapter of calculus that I've failed to look at in the past, write a web service project proposal, and prepare for and interview with IBM. I can make it though. I think I need to start early and make sure I'm in the bed by 11PM tonight. I am realizing more and more that my lethargy and slow mental reaction times are due to not eating properly (i.e. not starting the day with breakfast) and not sleeping properly and consistently. My body has had enough, and it's letting me know. Rudely.

I think I'm going to finish looking over these calculus sections, review them, and then watch a bit of TV before lying down for a quick nap again. I believe I even have the financial resources to wash clothes, so I believe that is in order. This weekend, I need to go pickup several breakfast items, so that I can get back into the swing of eating before I start my day. It's only fair and ...imminently necessary.


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