Goldman Sachs Do Bless Me...Hold my hand...Van Hunt.

The week has been hectic. All I do is study now, but that's something small in the much larger picture that I'm assembling to call "My Life." Folks, if studying means I have to skip parties and miss outtings to the mall, then so be it. Things are that serious now. I was slow enough as a freshman to do all that partying and mall-hopping last year...with disastrous results. lol. Now, I'm so focused that things really aren't falling apart anymore. Things are in their best possible states.

After reading through most of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, I've begun drawing out my own personal mission statement to really keep me on track to achieving all the stuff that I want to achieve. This isn't some far-fetched "OHhhh, you gotta do this stuff or you're gonna die" list, but it's real serious. After following Goldman Sachs all these years, I realized why they're so wonderously successful. They have principles, and these principles really decide what goes on in this enterprise.

Again, I have my own principles. They are based tightly on these ideas: fairness, integrity, honesty, dignity, service, quality, excellence, potential, growth, patience, nurturance, and encouragement. I work in small intervals everyday to come up with definitions for all of these. Here's what I have so far:

Fairness: I will strive to truly treat others as I'd like to be treated: with respect, patience, and honesty. I will agree to be equitable and actually listen to people. You cannot be impartial and fair if you don't listen to and make efforts to understand other people.

Excellence: For me, to be good is simply and quite inarguably, not good enough. You must always expect the best from yourself, no matter what others around you are thinking, saying, or doing. Your idea of excellence, being at your best in all endeavours, cannot be placed against others' actions, opinions, beliefs, or misgivings and mediocrity. If this means you hvae to be excellent by yourself, then so be it. However, when you have found the opportunity, never skip the chance to promote excellence and achievement in others. Sometimes, that is the only way!

Quality: I will seek to produce only the best. I will, without fail, personally emphasize quality over quantity in all pursuits. It is better to have a strong arm in one area with superior results, rather than a weak hand in all pots with crappy results. On that note, I will work to maintain the physical and mental capacity to create and maintain quality and performance. Also, if you say you're going to do something, overdo it.

Folks, I've actually been starting to do things by the other definitions I've scratched out on a tree-like drawing that is now taped on my wall. It's in plain-sight as soon as I get out of the bed, so I can't miss it, and thus, can't ignore it. But, gahhh...I have some other maths to take care of. Plus, Thanksgiving packing. See you all later! Look for new pics on Thefacebook.


The perfect blend--Apples and coffee.

So, tonight while playing around and essentially wasting time at the IMA, I came across Java in the G5. In all of my years of using MS Windows (GAH!), I had forgotten the little intricacies of the Apple Mac OS systems. Mac OS X has Java built-in to make a long story excruciatingly short.

Now, I am poised to break the world apart using Java. This type of innovation in my world only happens once in a blue moon. I'm so elated. I have made the choice to, once I establish a serious cash flow, buy a Mac. Thinkpads are of only secondary interest to me now. I'm going back to the computers that started it all for me; Macs.