Right-click of doom...continued.

Yeah, Business Law turned out quite nicely. Ohhhh, the joys of going to class for once. lol. Turns out the professor really does have a soft spot. He gave out the final. I enjoy take-home finals. So that means the folks that came in to class on Thursday are free of the in-person final on May 5th at 8am. All we have to do is drop it off and leave. As for the other folks...hm.

More later.


The Right-click of doom.

Clicky-clicky. Clacketty-clicky. Yeah, it's really almost 1:30am and I'm sitting in the iLab seriously just wasting time. I'm supposed to be reading for this Business Law make-up midterm in the morning, but haha. This might be another instance of me taking an exam based off what I saw on TV--i.e., People's Court.

Whoop! Leaving out.


Curtail your surfing and do your homework.

That's been my note to myself lately, but if anybody's been paying attention to my del.icio.us use lately, then umm...you already know that that's not going to happen. All I can say is that I'm seriously looking forward to this summer. I get to read and write! w00t!



Someone (I promise I'll find out who later) once said that the true mark of genius is having the knack for always producing something. So here goes nothing. Coming up soon? Essays and apps. Stay tuned!
Take it to the streets!

It's finals time, folks! What is Tiffani doing? Reading everything except what's going to be on her exams. This week's menu? A fine serving of del.icio.us, a healthy tablespoon's-worth of Wealth of Nations, a book about user interface design, and of course, the obligatory 9rules dessert.

No, seriously. I'll do fine with my finals. It's just that I've been tinkering more and more with Ruby on Rails lately, and interesting things are in store. Haha.

Honestly, though, del.icio.us is becoming the death of me. Is there anybody else that sits in class and just goes through link after link after link all while adding a ton of links to their own del.icio.us collection? Project Management has really become my del.icio.us time during daylight, in-school hours. I'm sure the prof is tired of the glow on my face and the perplexed look as I find more and more stuff I know I won't have time to read. lol. I've got so much stuff to read and print out that it's ridiculous. This summer, wherever I end up (NJ, TX, NC, etc.) will be interesting indeed. lol.

Oh yeah, and I filed my Hilltop application today, so hopefully I'll end up as the Business and Technology Editor. I tossed them a nice set of stories that they should do for graduation, so we'll see what happens. Interview's on Saturday. Chyeah!



So, I've found myself reading incredible amounts of material on matters relating to psychology. For some reason, I have been driven to get away from folk psychology and actually focus on the meaty matters. My biggest hang-up lately has been basically the idea of Computer Science that matters to laypeople. In my reading I've been focusing on human-computer interaction, social software, and software that is just flat out useful. My reading list grows everyday, so I'll one day post it. In the meantime, I'll just be around convincing people of the logic of throwing out cottage industries and latching on to real entrepreneurship with technology. Big things, folks! Big thoughts!


Stop using forecasts to predict my thoughts...

In recent times, this blog has been the source of controversy. Truth be told, fuck your thoughts. More later. Most importantly, this semester needs to end.