Moshi. Moshi.

Yeah, so one of the best parts of being back at home is access to a vehicle. I stole the car today and went for a spin on the other side of town--out of the county, basically--and discovered this nice neighborhood in Harnett County on a golf course. They've got tennis courts, too! I'll probably be indulging in more tennis next semester thanks to finding a tennis partner, so I'll have to sharpen up this summer in Texas.

I sent off my acceptance of the HP offer today. w00t!

Since I've been out of school, I've actually been productive. I've gone through this stack of AJAX books that I have, so now I'm working through Agile Web Development with Rails. I'm building this stock ticker thingie that's not quite a stock ticker. lol. I know. Bad description, but I can already see it in my head, so I'm great!



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