Do you ever get tired of being picked on by somebody that you just know is not quite as smart as you?

Okay, so today I went to bioenergetics. Yes, the week with Coulomb has started. Tell me why he is the most ignorant, belligerent, rude person I have ever met and I will write you a check for $100US dollars. All you have to do is track down my email address.

I'm really interested in going to the department chair about him now after this morning's little shuffle and slap. So, he gave us the take home midterm in class today. I looked over it, being the speed reader I am (did I tell you that I read The DaVinci Code in a day this weekend!?!), and then decided to look over the copy of The Wall Street Journal that I picked on my way out of the dorm this morning.

Please tell me why he zeroed in on me like a hawk and starts going on about how rude I am and "Oh...you just wanna sit in class and read your paper? Ohh..ok. I mean, that's fine. I'm talking and you're just reading your paper."

I was quite taken aback because it's not like I had the entire paper open and my face shielded. I just happened to have it down in my lap looking down at it. I knew what the midterm was all about, it was pretty straight-forward, just a repeat of things that he's done in class coupled with our reading assignment and the video lectures we were assigned to watch online. So, I felt it was okay to glance away for a little bit.

Now, was it my place to say something or just sit there looking at him with the fiestiest look of disdain that I could muster? Did I do the right thing in not saying anything particularly nasty back to him as I was gearing up to do? Or was it just better that I stayed the smarter one and just kept quiet? I don't know, folks, I don't know.


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