Push this, take dat.

John Legend's album came out today and I got lifted. Newest favorite track by Mr. Legend? "She Don't Have to Know." It's true, she doesn't. ;)

And oh yeah, I have to be a damn electrical engineer to fix my laptop. Ohhh the tangled webs we weave and then accidentally fall into. Damn.

But, like Sir Winston Churchill said..."Never, never, never give up." Folks, I won't. I want it that badly. Pax.


Look, ma! I fixed it! & Dammit, you look like a piece of meat.

Last night, after being horribly bored out of my mind, I did what I always do when I'm bored--take things apart to figure out how and why they work like they do. The first time I did this, my Nintendo was the victim and Duck Hunt was no more... But, last night, something absolutely excellent happened. I saw how to fix my burnt-out laptop screen. I saw the bulb. Yes, dammit, yes!

Damn near every laptop screen that is bright as hell (that's why LCD's are gorgeous) is lit by what's called a cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL for us engineers out there). To make a very long story excruciatingly short, I'm going to the bank tomorrow to put money in my checking account so I can order the CCFL online and have it here by Thursday. The next entry on this thing must just come from my laptop that will be brought from the dead after almost 1.25 years of being out of commission! My lovely LCD will back in business, and I believe it will be bright as hell. YES!

So, what can you say I got for Christmas this year? Besides a nice bit of cash, a sweater or two from the Gap, and hugs and kisses from my folks, you can say I got two very important qualities that will serve me better than any iPod or high-powered cell phone--I got perseverance and confidence. Those two things helped me put my laptop back together. Thanks, God. ;)


If you want it, you can have it. Come and get it...and I'll be waiting. -Soul for Real.

Whatever happened to these folks?! Soul for Real was great to jam to back in middle school. Where are they now? Who knows, and I suspect I'm way too lazy to go research. Actually, I'm disgruntled. I got my grades back and haha, I suspect I still have some cleaning up to do on the procrastination front. Also, I really need to get it together with building the email server.

I suspect a grade of mine has been affected because my professor never got my last assigment and thus, had to give me a course grade of B. So much for schmoozing in the land of perfect grades. ::Chokes off Dasani::


We're just Ordinary People.

Yeah, so I downloaded this new John Legend song after hearing it walking down the hallway one day here in Slowe. It's such a nice song. I think I just like the guy's voice though.