More time spent here than anybody else on their first day...

So, at 7:37pm, I am still in the CLDC server room, hacking away at this idea for a new piece of software that I can basically use as my Web Services project and then extend into something more spectacular later. I found a whole slew of links that I'll post here later for sites that I'll be heavy into reading for the next few days. It turns out that I probably won't even contemplate leaving here tonight.

After searching around in the various stacks of computer books here, I found two that are of interest: The DaVinci Code and A Gift of Fire: Social, Ethical, and Legal Issues in Computing. The latter I can use in my research paper for bioinformatics and the former I've just been wanting to read anyway, but I was too cheap to buy. It was somebody else's copy, but I sent him an email telling him I'll have it.

This place is so interesting. There's so much computing power surrounding me right now that I could really write something horridly spectacular. I'm planning something really neat that I think was long overdue. Hopefully, it's not something somebody else was already working on.

If I knew this Suse Linux system any better, I'd start writing it right now. All I see that is familiar on here is Firefox, emacs, Adobe Reader, the Gimp, and Mozilla Composer. Basically, things that are also available on Wintel systems.

This weekend is going to be rather interesting. I have an assload of stuff to do. Most of it is immense amounts of reading, which shouldn't be that bad if I can drive myself to get dressed and get out of my dormitory. The place turns into "Soul Train" from like 12PM to 3:38AM, Sunday to Sunday. lol. If you really want to get anything done in terms of having complete peace and quiet, go to sleep during the day and wake up around 4:15am to start your day. You'd be semi-productive while the Sun is down and as soon as the Sun comes up, things should move right along. I know this strategy works because I've done it before. At 4:15am, you'd probably be the only one up laughing at informercials for weight loss products.


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