"...shawty wanna ride wit meh!" -Young Buck.

So, thanks to Headley, I got .NET back up and working. Now, I can get my web services work done. WhoooO! Making progress toward getting to lie around on weekends and not do anything related to school. Chaa...!

OMG. Dr. Burge is sooo fcuking hilarious. In web services today, we sat around and made jokes about...flat out vulgar things. Like the mutated AIDS virus. No, that wasn't particularly something that you want to admit to laughing at, but it was funny the way Burge was talking about it--"You betta watch out!! That could be you! And it'll eat you up in two weeks!" He was clearly starting a public health scare. But, it was funny.


"That man is so socially behind..." That's soooo funny that that was said because it's basically true. I'm looking more and more at how he relates to folks, and good grief...he doesn't. I've never seen a more impersonal, belligerent, rude, and inept professor. Somebody being like that makes you want to question exactly how much they know.

I mean, this morning, I got my research paper back and he had written some pretty vague comments on it. Being the eager beaver I am to do well, I asked for clarification. What type of response did I get initially before prodding the man for more? "Uh...it's written in my comments."

No fucking kidding. If I wanted to know what you wrote, I'd read it. I'm asking for clarification, sir. Then, I end up being two steps from catching hell because I'm a sophomore in a graduate class. If that's not the most closed-minded response I've ever seen then I don't know what the hell to think. This is college. Whatever happened to encouraging people to go above and beyond their potential? Whatever happened to challenging folks?! To hear her say, "Well, you shouldn't be in a graduate class...you're a sophomore." is the most shit-ass thing I've ever heard. Again, I was insulted by this man. I really will go to the Dean if I get less than what I deserve. I'm going to eat his class alive. Just fucking watch.



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