The endgame was not strong.

Yes, so the semester is actually over. Does anybody know how long I've been waiting for that moment? Actually, it ended on Thursday upon turning in my OOP project (incomplete, yes). With that, I really did do a cartwheel through the lower hallway of the engineering building. And...I had never done one before that point, folks. lol.

This semester was stressful, disturbing, and interesting to add insult to injury. But, on the whole, I read some great books, met a ton of people that I'm glad I met, and I'm looking forward to next year. 2006-2007 onward, ho!

Right now, though, I'm sitting in The Hilltop office waiting for a call from the editor to get my online publishing privileges fixed. I'm supposed to be leaving Washington today, but I just talked to my dad and he said they just left the house. So really...they won't arrive until 5pm or so. In light of that, yes, I have a few hours to sit around and do whatever.

But, oh yeah, I'm being hogged. More on this later. lol. Don't you folks just hate continuations? hahahahahaaha.


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