Tired of this.

I recently spoke to somebody who said corporate America is his plan B. That's the best way I've ever heard it. I get tired of going to information sessions and such on campus and listening to corporate bullshit about their "culture" and how they want to "hire the very best." It's all bullshit.

Am I angry? Not really. Just horribly disgusted. More about this later. Oh yeah, and fuck Wal-Mart. Suddenly, the title of my blog, "Enough Crap", just became particularly relevant.


I really should be asleep.

I'll say it all in the morning. Errr...later this morning. Eh.


Yeah, I knew there was something suspicious going on.

I remember my trip to the Apple Store after my iBook had been zapped and how the first thing the feeble tech at the "Genius Bar" did was ask me if I had repaired my permissions. Nonsense. It would be a frail solution to a deeply-rooted problem at best. This article assured me that I knew that not all technicians know what they're talking about. Here.


People, plain and simple, should read more.

It's really interesting to find out that people my age don't read as much as they should. I think people should strive to know a whole bunch about things like financial matters, technology, their major (knowledge garnered outside of class), etc. I won't reference specifically what I'm talking about, but I was rather disappointed and dismayed around the same time. But, of course, it's not the first time I've been in a situation where people ask rather elementary questions. They say there's no such thing as a dumb question (and I somewhat agree), but there is such thing as an ignorant question because you don't read and expand your mind beyond what somebody has spoonfed you. Ow..

Right now, I'm looking for an apartment and a car. Then, I believe things will be set. IBM!


Tell whatcha know.

Time has gone by and things have gone sour to some degree. Music cheers you up, however. Georgia Anne Muldrow. My gosh. First CD I've listened to where I have liked every song on it. I'll definitely be buying it when I get home. Check her out here.