So, I have been at IBM a full week and things have been interesting and hairy all in one. First off, the learning curve has been steep. I like to refer to it as an inverted bell curve. Let me explain. Last week, I didn't know C very well. I was familiar with C++ through work done in school, but my language of choice, unfortunately, was Java.

I see that Java is a great language for quick prototyping and for all out lazy programmers (me...), but I strongly believe it handicaps you. You don't know how the underlying system works. You don't know about how memory responds. You end up not caring about types. You lose the sense of real programming. Your skills sag. But, haha, it sure looks nice on a resume! Get real.

I won't deal with Java again unless I'm absolutely forced through a class or something. I see that C (lol) is much more powerful, allows you to be more thorough, and it gets the job done. Plus, you come out feeling like a much more competent programmer. Java is good to have, but C is better. Go back to the roots.

In other news, working at IBM is great. More later. Have to go back to reading. Pz as Kiran says.