Duck in, duck out.

YEARS later, I still read this thing. And maybe, just maybe, I'll start writing in it again. It'd be cool.

As a quickie, reading this thing years later has allowed me to see growth. You might not find anymore profanity-laced titles or posts about fucking BMWs.

But, hilariously, this thing was laced with ADHD-symptoms: complaints of my head spinning, whining about not being able to do work, poo-pooing over unproductivity, giggling about skipping class (or just leaving), etc. Ahh, history.


A year ago.

A year ago.  hmm!  interesting things on the horizon now. ;)


Faustian Bargain or "...what would you do for a Klondike bar...?"

Back blogging again, yes yes. I'm sitting at Ms. Calloway's house after having my flight get cancelled until tomorrow. I was supposed to be back in Houston on Sunday night, but happily I got caught out here. It's clarified some things.


Universities jump on iTunes...word?

Here's to another university that's jumped on the iTunes bandwagon...Stanford University. I see this type of thing coming to my school soon. Stay iTuned.


"I can't read this crap, so how am I supposed to accomplish anything else?"

I want to change the way technology documentation is produced and used. Honestly, I want to make it more effective. Here's to leading the way. ::Kanpai!!::


Brainstorm take me away from the norm.

I couldn't sleep this morning after having a million thoughts in 5 seconds, so I got up around 645am. Lo and behold, my friends are seriously predictable (especially on their off days! lol), so I got a phone call around 730am from Rae. On that tip, I was reminded of 311, so I went and got a bunch of their stuff of iTunes to start the day.

Quite excellent. Amber is the color of your energy!


Moshi. Moshi.

Yeah, so one of the best parts of being back at home is access to a vehicle. I stole the car today and went for a spin on the other side of town--out of the county, basically--and discovered this nice neighborhood in Harnett County on a golf course. They've got tennis courts, too! I'll probably be indulging in more tennis next semester thanks to finding a tennis partner, so I'll have to sharpen up this summer in Texas.

I sent off my acceptance of the HP offer today. w00t!

Since I've been out of school, I've actually been productive. I've gone through this stack of AJAX books that I have, so now I'm working through Agile Web Development with Rails. I'm building this stock ticker thingie that's not quite a stock ticker. lol. I know. Bad description, but I can already see it in my head, so I'm great!