The Corporate Thug is Back.

I'm here to correct you; you can trust me. Overachiever. I'm in this for life. I'm the truth. Enough with the random lyrics from Pete Rock songs. This week I've been labelled everything from overachiever to engineering pimp.

Truthfully, I can't label myself as anything but Tiffani Ashley Bell. That's what I was labeled at birth, so, hey, that's what you can call me. The other stuff is flattering, but none of it represents me fully or honestly. Both of them are used with seemingly negative connotations.

Folks act like reading three chapters ahead of the class is a bad thing. I thought this was college? Or am I being cocky again?

Maybe I am being cocky. I tend to take on the personas of people I'm truly interested in, like TV personalities--The Donald, Oprah Winfrey, P. Diddy, and a new Apprentice contestant, Raj. Raj interests me because he's truly full of himself. I think I really want to be like that and not be fake about it. He had that confident walk and just said "I think I am a great man." And it was so funny how he said it. I want to walk in a room and have people think "I am a great woman."

The only thing that's bad about Raj is that he has to say all this stuff about himself. I think it should more or less be understood. It's all about what words don't say sometimes.

In any case, yeah, I am on an overachievement binge. I can't help it. I have to avenge the Tiffani that showed up last year and screwed me clean out of $18K a year to pay for my education. That Tiffani was a little ignorant, immature idiot. That kid is officially dead, banished to a horrible death of shame. She died a thousand times this summer, and as I said before, she won't be brought back again. Some personas die horrible deaths. To die in shame is one horrible way to go.


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