Harder, better, faster, stronger.

The rebirth of slick. While cruising on the new Napster tonight, I found the song I've been looking for for basically forever. The Neptunes did a remix to a Daft Punk song called "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger," and I heard it probably two years ago while messing around on a DJ website. I instantly fell in love with it and of course, sought to download it from the internet somewhere. I could have bought it from where I heard it sampled from, but they only had it on records. I don't have a record player. So I cussed and searched damn near everyday to find this song. It didn't work.

But, in January of this year, Daft Punk released a remix album (geez, isn't everybody) and this song, of course, was on there. I just found out about this album while listening to music on Napster. Once I get a nice supply of money built up, I'm going to buy this album. Most songs on it are hott.


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