Last time I seen her...

Who'd you see?

I don't know.

Anyway, today I didn't get much accomplished. So, tomorrow after I get off work, I'm going to take off to the library and take care of all the stuff I didn't get accomplished today. I'm going to go sprawl out on a nice big table and write my personal statement and make more progress on the African-American education essay. Even though the contest that I was writing that for ended up passing without me entering it, I can still use the same essay for another contest. They just want a 3-5 page essay that represents your best writing; I firmly believe this is going to be it--once I get it finished.

I went to the Gap today and bought this ultra cool backpack for $35. It's another one of those sling ones, but it's black, so it should be less susceptible to showing wear and tear. The other grey one I had looked runover by my standards, so I wanted less and less to carry it because I suspected one day the sash would come flying off as I was crossing the street in DC or something. That's what happened to the backpack I had in high school. I was late to class already, so I started running. My books were bobbing up and down on my back and I suppose the backpack was under severe pressure with all of that constant motion and stress. Naturally, one of the straps popped clean off and I felt the books basically go from my back to the ground. It was over. So, in addition to picking up all the books and pencils that had somehow come flying out, I had to drag the damn thing to class. Oh yeah, I was late, too. :[

But, I have to go to work tomorrow, so I'm going to get off now and read some more of The Bible and The Power of Positive Thinking. Think fast, think bright, think right. Or you won't be right. Aight?!


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