Wo ist meine...?

Supposedly, we have broadband internet access coursing through the veins of my house now. I don't really know though, because I'm making this entry via Earthlink's dialup service--that which I have had for the last two years.

My dad switched from DirectTV back to the cable company with digital cable and supposedly, broadband internet access. I guess something went wrong today, and neither of the computers have been touched. lol. Either way, we've got digital cable, the type where you can rewind live television. I've been sitting here recording episodes of The Apprentice since I never got to watch them in school.

Donald Trump, as you know, has become really interesting to me for all the entrepreneurial vigor he's shown in his real estate career. I read his book, How to Get Rich, and I probably already said before, it was really motivating. I'm going to go to the library tomorrow and see if I can find his other books to read. I'm off from work for the next three days, so I'll have time to do that.

Otherwise, I really need to get to work on my scholarship essays. I've been in heavy planning for the essay that deals with reasons why more African-Americans than ever are earning college degrees. I have answers, I just need to form a coherent essay around those answers. It'll be fun writing the essay though. It shouldn't be a problem--I'm the kid that got an A in freshman composition! lol.

Also, I talked to Desiree tonight for the first time in like two and a half months. We had one of our usual hardy conversations about our gripes in life, particularly dealing with our fast food experience. It seemed like I ended up giving a discourse on how to run a restaurant. lol. She hated food serving times which really are totally stupid. It was really good talking to her again though.

I had talked to my mom before about it and she was thinking maybe I was expecting too much out of Desiree because of her academics and the like. I guess that was right. Nobody's perfect. That's why I watch The Apprentice and read Donald Trump books.



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