Macadamia Nutt.

Corporate thug. So, tonight, I was reading through some blogs created by venture capitalists, particularly one based out of Manhattan. A lot of the blogs were pretty interesting to read, but I had to stop. My eyes started hurting again. I think I really might have gotten myself into that bind that I was secretly striving for years ago--to get glasses so I would appear to be smarter. Now, I might actually need them. lol.

But, I recently discovered the other night after a long, arduous blog entry, that my Earthlink FTP account had overflowed with that entry. I've used all 10MB on that blog. I guess after a year of constant blogging, what can one expect? lol. Hmm...Good thing for Blogspot.com. Heh, now that Blogger is backed by Google, there should be no limit to the space they can offer users--theoretically anyway. For users, it's just a matter of using that space.

In any case, I'm sitting here with sore eyes after a day full of reading and writing, and no, folks, I'm not in summer school. I've been doing calculus (brushing up on it for the sake of passing calculus II) and writing an essay in hopes of using that cash to help fund my education.

I haven't heard anything from Howard since I mailed that appeal letter off, but hopefully I'll have a decision soon so that I can look into getting loans in time enough to have everything totally paid for when I get to school.

I went to Books-A-Million last night and treated the store like everybody else seems to do...treat it like it's a library. Seriously, folks, I'm sure you've seen it at your own BAMM store. Folks come in with study groups and what look like business meetings. It's almost funny. People come in and watch TV and read the newspapers for free. It's great because they're open pretty late compared with other places. So, I seized the opportunity to go in there and read Donald Trump's book How to Get Rich.

It turned out to be a great read. It contained a lot of useful advice that I'll be very likely to try to implement over the next couple of months. The next month and a half will be very crucial to my longterm success.

How so?

First, I'll be seriously getting into working at McDonald's by requesting more hours (if you don't ask, you won't receive, and you can't let your boss succeed in attempting to royally screw you if you can help it), plus I'll be getting ready to go back to school. Time is running fast.

Plus, I think from now on at work, I'll be following one of Trump's dictums very closely: Always cut out the middleman. Go directly to the person who it would be more beneficial to deal with if you really can gain access to that person. Right now, at McDonald's, that person would be Jackie D. I've already had some rather tacky run-ins with the other manager, so I'm not too much interested in them anymore other than my own capital gains.

Capital gains?

Of course, I have only two real reasons to acknowledge one of my bosses. She makes my schedule and she's a boss. Otherwise, I'd avoid her like the plague. She's turned out to be bad news.

Anyhow, I am attempting to be better about learning things quickly and then hurriedly applying them. Trump recommended gaining an understanding of human psychology, so that is exactly what I am trying to do. Trump is a real advocate of a psychologist by the name of Carl Jung, so I've been reading about him. He has some great quotes that I'll fork over later. lol.


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