"You can come see me...." -112.

I cannot stop blogging. I've been reading so much lately that so many ideas are passing through my head that I swear I am literally going to burst. I am going to have one hell of an aneurysm and I will live through it. My head is teeming with music, ideas, papers I want to write, ideas for programs, information problems, business ideas, things that I need to say. I work daily now at being more articulate. I reportedly used to be the little proper reporter-type as a little kid, but somewhere around middle school in my frenzy to attempt to fit in, I lost touch with that. You know, around the point where my music tastes died.

Being a TA has really helped me get some of my English fluency back. I can't just grunt or say damn near anything. One of my missions as a TA is to get a point across. Thus, I have to be organized in thinking and speaking. On Wednesday night of last week, I helped someone who had never programmed before write their first program. It was an exhilarating experience. It was made possible by two things in synergy--my ability to explain the concepts behind programming and this person's ability to grasp everything I was saying. It worked out well; he's a programmer now.

More?...yes, please.

Lately, I've been really digging into my coursework over in the labs of computer science. I've spent increasingly large amounts of time in one of the more high-performance labs in the engineering building--so much so that they're offering me a job there. lol. Yeah, I'll take it. It's a great environment. There, I'll be free to develop all this software that I discuss all the time. Recently, so much code and ideas have been flowing through my head, that, like I said above, I swear my head is going to explode.

I cannot stop thinking about what the next killer app will be. The other day I was in calculus daydreaming about overtaking ISAS and making the University a seriously more information-rich campus. Right now, there's too much legwork and asynchronicity. It takes too long to do things; it takes too long to discover things that are simple bits of information--it takes them too long to print a transcript.

I've been taking a hard look at the information services of this University and I displeased. I am generating a notebook of information services that would rock this University to its core. No such thing as waiting in line to put money on your meal plan card. Want to transfer money from your bank account to your laundry card? Use your cell phone. I want to engineer services like that.

We're at the Mecca...we've been more than ready for these things.


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