Ten days ago it was off to Hell I sent thee, now it's all about the Benjies...WHAT?!

First of all...the housing frenzy. I heard one girl was trampled in front of the administration building and other people got into fights over what appeared to be Willie Wonka Chocolate-style "golden tickets." Let's face it, folks. Housing here at Howard University is treacherously scarce...as in, "yeah, if we can't find you a bed on campus, we'll be glad to negotiate contracts for boxes with U-Haul for you. I mean..hey, it's something." No, the situation is not that bad, but I'm only able to say that because I was blessed enough to be able to register for housing. Lots of folks got caught out there...as in, not being at the right place at quite the right time. It's a pretty unfortunate situation...one that I hope can be remedied soon. Howard needs housing, folks. Alumni, where art thou?

Jenkies...you drew that?!

Yes, folks. I can still draw. One night I was horrendously bored and I knew that I wanted to create better flyers to advertise ACM here at Howard. I mean, it was to the point where the executive board members were the only ones that were showing up to general body meetings. We were having, basically, executive board meetings on top of executive board meetings on top of executive board meetings. Nobody knew about us. So, again...always the person who likes to solve problems and do cool stuff, I sat down the other night and started drawing. The result? An awesome flyer that potential ACM members have been taking notice of--which is exactly what I wanted. Now, I just hope that when we have meetings, the flyers will have had some sort of effect.

In any case, we've got a donut drive going. If you want some, drop me a line. tiffani2k3 at gmail dot com. Gotta hide from those spammers.


So, Brandon and I were coming out of the engineering building tonight around 830pm or so to walk over to Five Guys for dinner. I felt like neither cooking nor even walking back to Slowe, so I made him come along. Just as we exited the parking lot behind the engineering building adjacent to Georgia Avenue, somebody says rather quietly "Tiffani?" I turned around, and ohmigosh!! It was EBONY!! My long, lost buddy from many days and a year ago!! I had talked to her on the phone over Christmas break and a few times during this semester, but strangely, I hadn't seen her at all. I saw all of our buddies..Nate, David, Tony (mmmhmmm), but not Ebony! Then tonight, we broke out in a scream on Georgia Avenue. It was so good to see her again. So, now, me, Kim, and Ebony are most definitely going to go out to lunch somewhere.

I missed both of them. They're two of my true buddies on campus. I really do feel like if I needed something, like right away, I could call either one of them. Thanks, y'all. :)

...And now...it's off to bed. Jana says I should. See?!

**ite*n0*: dude, i gotta go to sleep

**ite*n0*: and you should too

DukeBlueMonkey: lol yeah...i'm writing tho

**iteo*0*: when you fall out tomorrow, don't say nothing to me

**iteo*0* is away at 3:21:01 AM.

Yeah, I'm going..I'm going.


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