You ever wonder what dreams really mean?

Every now and then at some point during the night, more than likely on nights where I'm getting at least 8 hours of sleepy (rarely, basically), I'll have either a dream or a nightmare or some convoluted mixture of the two. The latest one is of particular concern because it addressed something that I've been told for years, read in books, heard from mouths, saw in action, and yet, never could find myself to fully live by without being rash about it.

In the dream, I'm at my house, laid across the couch in a state that is sleep. It's very intriguing because it's almost as if I'm in "layers," so to speak. Layer one is the real me sleeping, as in the physical me now. lol. Layer two is me in the dream watching myself sleep. Layer three is everything that the dream me is perceiving. For some reason, I am in the dream watching myself sleep. I look relaxed--dead, in fact. I am not dead, however. I am dreaming.

In that dream during the dream, I hear my mom's voice. She is telling me something that is really of no consequence here, but the message is clear and whether or not I follow it will forever affect what I am in life. The words echo in my head even now...I don't know what the dream was for, where it came from, or why it was inspired at such a critical time in my life. But, I intend to follow it.

Following this dream means I will do some pretty interesting things before I graduate. I will not list them here, because that's the customary thing to not do. They don't involve what you're thinking...but things will get pretty interesting on my end of the stick. Watch me now. I will move in the shadows and overcome those who try to overstep their boundaries with me. The dream has subsequently made me stronger because it didn't involve BMWs, SLRs, no money, no huge houses, no prestige, no comedy, no laughter, barely any light. But, I know what the dream stands for now. I know why I had it.

I needed perpetual FUEL. Will I ever burn out? Not now, folks.


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