"Things We Do for Love" - Horace Brown

So, yeah. I rediscovered Horace Brown sometime ago and tonight I downloaded more of his tracks. I swear, if I could travel back to 1994 and start the second half of the 90s off correctly, I would. I mean, yes, I was only nine, but I felt music. I could appreciate the beats and at that point, that's all anybody really needed. I felt all laid back in Fayetteville, like that was the only place I'd ever need to be. As much shit as I talk about North Carolina, I love it. It was where I seriously discovered music. Foxy 99.1FM played all of that stuff, Bad Boy, Motown, yeah, even Horace Brown. Crucial Conflict had a song out that was one of my favorite songs because it was so crazy sounding.

I remember everytime it came on I'd hop into the front and turn the volume up and then promptly sit back down and bob my head. At that point I had so much music in my veins that I was a walking lyric. I swore I was going to be a DJ, a musician, a producer, a singer, something. I even took it so far as to join the band in middle school.

Music, interestingly, gave me confidence. When I stopped listening to all my favorite songs, I changed. My temperament got really bad (I cursed all the time and I was exceptionally rude and dismissive) and I just didn't seem to have much of an oomph about myself anymore. Suddenly, it wasn't all about the benjamins anymore. It started being about trying to fit in. I guess that's why I was so much more...interesting than all the other kids for my age; music is never about fitting in. It's about being confident in what you have and what you can say and do. Music is never about fitting in.


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