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After writing less and less code in C++, I realize I have a mid-term in Advanced Data Structures on Friday. I don't believe I'll be in trouble, but I do know that it'll be a torrid inconvenience to have to go back to a language that you've been neglecting for quite some time for better alternatives. On the road to doing bigger and better things in software, I've been spending entirely too many waking hours at my desk working on Java.

I told Brandon about the web browser I built a couple of years of ago around the time I first started working with Java and he was amazed. It'd be nice if I still had any scraps of the code that I used to build that. A good portion of it would probably be deprecated by now anyhow, but haha, oh well. I'm starting to write it all over again anyway.

Right now I'm just up entirely too late because I don't have any obligations until 2pm today. Ordinarily, I'd be asleep right now in anticipation of making it to office hours in the morning for NSBE. That whole arrangement fell apart rather quickly though. So, I now just serve two hours of office hours on Thursdays. That's easier on me, plus I still contribute actively to the organization.

lol. Speaking of contributing, Jason and I are trying to get the website up by November 1st. If we are harshly persistent, it can be done. We're engineers though. How we have time for anything outside of strangely named mathematics and marathon programming sessions is beyond us. But, we're really trying to use the site, for right now, as a vehicle to get our chapter sponsored to attend nationals.

In the meantime, I'm going back to work on studying for the midterm on Friday, rebuilding the web browser, reading incessantly (something I've done a lot lately), and worrying about my worsening eyesight.

Yes, folks. My eyesight is not good anymore. I thinky my screen is too bright. Who knows. I've adjusted it to be significantly less in brightness, and wow, it worked wonders. Let's just hope I can transfer these same settings to the computers in the lab. Who knew that LCD's could be so damn bright?!

Also, I have to follow up with whatever happened to the recruiter that was supposedly so enthusiastic about getting me on at IBM for the summer. I'm ready for the big time now. In the meantime, I'll go back to reading boring books about sorting methods and preparing for exams. Maybe I'll eventually wash clothes too.


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