The ridiculousness is over...for now.

Yes, yes, folks. I am writing this while lounging on the floor of my room at my parents' house in North Carolina. I won't be back in Washington, DC until next Sunday, so I'm excited about the prospect of doing the things I really want to do without school interferring.

School has been a big pushover. I'm suffering from everything from foolish professors to a group of foolish schoolmates (whom I have subsequently abandoned), so this semester isn't exactly going 100% as planned. But, this is okay. Things on the entrepreneurial front are actually going better than planned. The law of supply and demand is kicking in, and to some degree, I believe I'll have trouble meeting the demand. Oy vey.

Better yet, I've been surfing the web heavily. The RSS reader, NetNewsWire, is monitoring around 230 feeds and even on top of that, I still do tons of surfing. I've made almost excessive use of Del.icio.us in order to keep all the stuff that I find around. I only wish I had jumped on the Del.icio.us bandwagon much earlier. The deluge of information kept there is all part of my plans for a magazine/newsletter to be produced perhaps starting this summer.

More later.


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