Theories of humour.

Yes, this was a title stolen from an article in The Economist. So be it.

In any case, today was pretty funny because I spent time chasing bugs it seems I, to some degree, really didn't have. But, either way, I'm learning the ins-and-outs of C better along with Codewarrior. Codewarrior for Palm OS has some pretty nifty features, but I'm still interested in putting together some apps on my Mac with OS X, Xcode, and PRC-Tools. (Links later.)

I'm not going into the office today. Nobody ever comes on Fridays, so I feel awkward being one of the only people there. Plus, it's not a good idea to come and be alone when gas is so incredibly high. It's just not a good feeling. But, honestly, if I drove slower, gas really wouldn't be a problem for me. lol. But, I have to be going at least 80+ mph to feel like I'm really getting anywhere. Psychology of speed. lol.

Either way, I woke up the other morning and somehow the rear right tire on the car was flat. I still think that's highly suspicious because we drove around all day in that car and everything was fine. No blow-outs. Nothing. Then, my mom was on her way out, and she comes back in the house to tell me that the tire is flat and that I might as well settle on working from home for the day.

That was disturbing to me, but I didn't argue. I went and finished getting dressed like I was going to the office and sat at my desk with the TV, AIM, and any music off, and actually got something done. Programming with Palm OS actually isn't so hard.

I'm going to go back to some of the things I used to discuss on here. Mostly, it's a confidence issue still. I do my best to stay humble these days, but humility can be incredibly dangerous. It helps to undermine your mental authority. If you know something, you know it. Don't relent unless superior evidence is being presented.

It's a basic premise of debate, and in my opinion, being knowledgeable in general. If you know something, you know something. Now, of course, this doesn't entail it necessarily being correct, but you have to have confidence in your knowledge. If you don't, there's no credibility in anything you do because you're never sure of it. You're just walking along blindly, without faith, without integrity if you want to go that far.

On a lighter note, I talked to some friends this week that I haven't talked to in a very long time. Slowly working my way out of my shell. But, honestly, I still have to get back to one person. Sometimes, it really is wrong to dump people. You have to be supportive of your friends. They're not perfect. No matter how perfect you think you are. If you think you're so perfect, stick around and be their voice of reason.

As a friend once said, "pz."


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