Right place, right time. I'm used to it.

So, tonight, while waiting on the shuttle, some issues came up with one of the people that was supposed to be working the front desk from the 12-4am shift. What was the problem? Aye, she didn't formally work, plus she left a pizza box in her place. Yeah. The GA (graduate assistant) went looking for her, but couldn't find her. I happened to be standing there during all of this. You sense an opportunity? Good--I sure did. So, after the GA was finished with all of his ranting and tirading, I slid in and just asked about the position...times, etc. Sounds like I can do it. It'll more than likely be two nights a week--the 12-8am shift. I can do that. I can just go to sleep right after I eat dinner.

My parents ought to be okay with this. I go to work right downstairs, and it's only two days a week--on the weekends. I usually don't go to sleep until crazy hours on the weekend anyway, so why not spend it getting paid?



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